Contents Page & Game Trailer

Contents –

GDD – The Game Design Document for A Starless Sky. Go here to find the game overview and details, as well as developmental posts from each week showcasing the game’s progression.

Mechanics – The major focus of the GDD. The prototypes are fully playable here as well as videos showing how they were coded, and an outline of the main mechanics of the game.

Narrative – The minor focus of the GDD. The full story of the game is showcased here in written form as well as a Twinery version. The backstory/lore of the game is also here, in the form of Lore Logs that the player can find in the game.

Research – Conducted for inspiration of mechanics, narrative and other game ideas.

Game JAMS – Detailing the various JAM sessions and the outcomes from them.

IBM JAM – A special JAM session in cooperation with IBM. Go here for details.



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