Lore Logs – The Story Of The Planet & Crashed Ships

Throughout A Starless Sky the player can come across pickup-able items entitled Lore Logs. These can be found in story-based locations as well as Crashed Starships and Ruins. There are two main stories told in the logs – the alien spaceship ones and the planetary ones.  Here is a brief outline of what the Lore Logs will contain.


Planetary Lore Logs (found in Ruins, the Maze and the Sinkhole) –

Ruins (1) –

Something amazing happened today. It descended from the heavens; a beacon of fantastic light against our home’s never ending darkness. The whole congregation came out of our palace to watch it coming down. It was a sight to behold, Luka. I wish you could have been here. It was fireworks unlike the best I have ever seen. The Lord is already gathering a group of us to investigate, so I will write again once I have news on this marvelous wonder.

The party hasn’t come back yet, Luka. It’s been a few days now, and people are starting to get worried. I can still see the fire if I look out of the Lord’s room window; it stills burns as brightly as the day it came down. Hopefully the party didn’t get caught up in it. I hope they are OK.

Everybody is starting to get anxious. The Lord’s Guards have increased their patrols, and the whispering, Luka. The terrible whispering. It started a day or two ago, and has grown louder and louder until now it is almost unbearable. Some of the congregation think its a sign. They are packing up and leaving. My father wants to leave too, so I am in my room, writing my last letter to you. I hope you get this.


Ruins (2) –

We lost contact with the Second Congregation today. It was not a surprise; the Whisperers have had them surrounded for days now. It was only a matter of time. A few hours ago, several of the Lord’s Guards arrived at our doorstep, having abandoned their posts out of fear. They were not allowed in of course, desertion is not tolerated here.

We have little weapons here, and what we do have will do nothing to stop Them. Braver men then I have already ventured out and tried, but they were silenced quickly and the Whispers continued. We can only assume they were killed along with the other Congregations. Letters stopped arriving days ago; the Ka Birds just stopped coming. The Second Congregation was the last group we had contact with, so losing them means we are now on our own. 


The Whisperers cometh. We can hear them. They were quiet several days ago, but have grown much louder in the time that followed. The Scouts shout movement every few hours, but the resulting Firebombs do nothing to stop whatever is moving out there. The shadows grow closer, creeping towards our palace. The Gates are closed now, but I doubt that will stop Them. I suppose we will find out soon enough though.


Ruins (3) –

My son asked where his mum is again. I couldn’t bear to look him in the eye, let alone tell him that his mother is dead. They’re all dead. The Sixth Congregation – my wife, my parents, my friends – gone. I have to remind myself every day, otherwise I would start thinking it was all a dream. It was surreal, the fall of the palace. The Gates came down as quickly as we closed them, and the Hushing were upon the Guards. Their light swords dropped the first few, but there were hundreds. They were overwhelmed within seconds. I had my gear already packed, and managed to grab a sword before Gale and I escaped. I know desertion is a crime, but I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t risk my son.

So here we are. Camped out several miles from the palace. The plan is to try and reach the Second Congregation – we were getting daily letters from them until right before the attack, so I hope they are still standing. As I sit here by the campfire writing this, I find myself gazing at my son’s sleeping face. Is this the end? How can I tell my boy that everyone is dead? How can I tell him that we will die?


The Maze –

It has been almost four weeks now, but we have done it. I can hardly believe it. Against all the odds, the Congregations have completed their task. And it was not an easy one. I am writing this record so that our achievement will be remembered. Honoured, even. It is a victory of unimaginable scale, even if it has cost us our lives.

We knew the Quiet Ones would be back. There were not many of them at the start, they seemed eager to feast and didn’t care about their Vessel. But we knew it was important. As they fed on our planet, we went behind their backs and made a plan. We knew fairly quickly that our planet was doomed, and as much as that hurt us we knew we couldn’t just sit back and let them take more. We couldn’t let them leave.

So we began work. We tried destroying the Vessel initially, but nothing we had came close to penetrating its thick armour. We couldn’t destroy it, so we had to block the Quiet Ones from getting to it. It came down once, it could go back up again. Our scientists were baffled by its technology, but even they were able to figure that out. Once they consume our planet, the Quiet Ones will try to move on. The construction would prevent this.

A wall wouldn’t be enough; the Quiet Ones had too great numbers. They could overcome it easily. We knew it had to be something massive, something even they could not transverse. For all their destruction and terror, they did not seem particularly intelligent, so a Maze was devised. Only a being of true intelligence could get through it and gain access to the Vessel. While the Guards held off the Quiet Ones that came to investigate, the rest of us built. It took weeks, but it’s finished now. They will never be able to escape. At our end, our people achieved something great. These beings will never hurt another living thing. They will never leave our planet.


The Sinkhole –

We are close to its lair now. Our Congregation’s scientists theorized that it must be the leader of the monsters. It feasted on our planet, and used it to grow and multiply. This Mother has created an army now, but we know the truth. If we can get to the Mother and kill it, then the aliens will fall. No army will be able to save it. We know where it is.

We are here at last. It was a long journey, but we have arrived at the Sinkhole. Along the way we received letters from each of the three remaining Congregations (carried by the amazing Ka Birds), although we lost contact with Four on the third day. They encouraged and applauded us, but all were unable to send reinforcements, or even spare any supplies. The most important task in the history of our people, and they did nothing. It doesn’t matter though, we have the Mother trapped. We know she is down here. The Congregations will be sorry they didn’t join us, after we emerge victorious.

Good God, what has Kir written here. It’s all nonsense.
He is dead, for the record. He charged into It’s lair, yelling like a madman. He was the first to go down. And he didn’t even scratch It. All he did was anger the creature. Now it’s after us. We can hear the furious Whispering, the approach of its army of monsters. Every so often we hear the giant footsteps, getting louder and louder as the terrible creatures get closer and closer. They’re going to find us. We’re trapped down here. They’re going to find us and kill us. There is no hope any more. That vanished along with our civilisation.
Remember us.


Alien Lore Logs (found in the Vessel and Crashed Starships) –

Crashed Starship (1) –

Crewman’s Log, date 4454.3. We are approaching a small system, but it has been something of interest among our party for several days now, ever since it appeared on our scanners. The planets in this system are in complete darkness, due to their Sun being so far from them. Despite this, the planets remain in perfect warmth; and complex ecosystems have developed. The Science Crew have no real idea how this is possible, and theories are being wildly thrown around. The main one right now is that some kind of explosion happened in deep space nearby millions of years ago, and the resulting energy is still around in some form. I reiterate that this is only a theory, however. That is why we are heading to these planets now, to investigate.

Crewman Paul is still causing trouble. In every meeting of the Head Staff he brings up the same point: “We shouldn’t be going to this system. The planets are some kind of natural phenomenon, we should just leave it at that and move on.” The Heads of Science always laugh, and say the same thing they always do: “Exploration is our thing. We’re going, and that’s that.”
Something is clearly bothering Paul about the system. Whenever I ask him about it, he just says he has a feeling. Well a feeling isn’t going to stop what could be one of the more interesting expeditions of this trip.

Touchdown commences in forty eight hours.


Crashed Starship (2) –

It all happened so fast. One minute we were surveying the atmosphere for carbon particles, and the next the alarms were deafening. Red warning lights were going off everywhere, and the ship almost seemed to be shrieking with terror. It juddered about a lot before nosediving towards the surface of this planet. We barely had time to strap in before we hit the ground.

The ship is destroyed. There is no way it will ever fly again. The engines are gone, and the wings came off during the crash. I doubt we’ll ever get the power working again, let alone take off. I’m writing this on a bit of paper for now, and hopefully we’ll be able to transfer it to the full log system soon enough. Erin is working on getting the Emergency Beacon online, so hopefully soon we can send a signal and then a colony ship will be here within a few days. It will all be OK, I think.

We heard the whispering again last night. It was about 1AM, and everything was quiet. Then it began; at a low level at first, then louder and louder as whatever it was drew closer. Erin said it was just the wind, but it couldn’t have been. Those whispers were too real, and too close to just be the wind. Something is out there all right, and it knows we’re here.


The Vessel –

Subjects behaviour is normal. It does not do much anyway, but today the subject was particularly dormant. Almost as if it were waiting for something.

They are fascinating, these creatures. They consume whatever living matter they touch, as long as it is blood-based. For some reason that we do not yet know, they will not touch plant life. They don’t seem to recognize it as consumable, yet. I say yet, because something very interesting happened yesterday.

Once again, we left samples in the subjects container bay. Several pieces of general purpose meat, along with several plants. The subject consumed the meat almost immediately, and grew by approximately 12.4 centimetres as a direct result. It then looked over the plants, and seemed to consider them for a brief moment. It approached, and leaned in closely. While the subject did not attempt consumption, it was the first time in this currently 52 day long observation that the subject has even noticed the plant life. Perhaps in time, it will learn. It will evolve.

Other than that however, the subject has not done anything out of the ordinary.  We are approximately 22.32 days away from our destination lab, and from there we can observe it in much better conditions. There is so much to learn from these creatures I think, and we are only just beginning. The scientific benefits are unimaginable.