Major/Minor Synopsis


The major focus of this GDD is mechanics. It will give potential future designers an idea of what some core elements of A Starless Sky should be like, as well as a rough idea of how they should play. The main mechanic of the game is the interactive environment, which the player utilises to navigate the game’s open world. It is showcased in a rough form in Prototype Three. This prototype showcases the important elements of the interactive environment and how they should basically function, as well as the torchlight mechanic and giving an idea of how that should be incorporated as well.
The first prototype showcases the torch mechanic, as well as basic movement and environment design (utilising placeholder sounds and graphics). The second one shows off the Unseen enemy and how the player might go about evading them with the Hiding mechanic.
The three prototypes give a rough idea of how the game should look and feel, as well as insight into the main mechanics of A Starless Sky and how they should be incorporated into the open world environment.

The full outline of the game’s mechanics can be found here.



The minor focus of this GDD is the narrative of the game. The story is one of the most important elements of this game so it was important that it be written in its entirety in order to give designers a good idea of what the game revolves around as well as what directions some parts of the environmental design will need to take. A Starless Sky is largely a mystery game, and many of said mysteries will be unraveled in the story so it is a core element of the gameplay.
The story focuses on the player and their struggle to escape the alien planet that they have crashed upon. They will need to utilise mechanics in the game to reach pieces of their ship and repair it successfully, as well as then explore and discover the mystery of the Unseen.

The full narrative of the game can be found here.